AIM Essay Competition

AIM Australia congratulates the winners of our inaugural Dr. Ambedkar Essay Competition The competition was open to all university students across Australia and results were declared on 14th October 2018. We are delighted to share the fantastic essays of our three winners, which are also accompanied by their short biographies.

1st prize winner: Ms. Michelle Chen, University of New South Wales.
"I am a second year student at UNSW studying Commerce/Arts majoring in Business Economics and Development Studies. With an interest in human rights, and a curiosity to learn about someone who I did not know much about, I chose to write about Dr. Ambedkar for my research essay in the course ARTS2210 ‘Modern India’. In historical accounts, Dr. Ambedkar’s efforts are often relegated to the background by Gandhi’s more visible works. Yet as I researched, I was moved by the story of a stoic yet empathetic man who furthered himself to further his people. I sincerely encourage you to find out more about Dr. Ambedkar, and to be directed in your research by future competitions. "

2nd prize winner: Mr. Subhratosh Khan, University of Melbourne
“"I had been a banking and finance professional in India for nearly 7 years, before moving to Melbourne in February '17. Currently, I'm in my final semester of my Master of Finance program at Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne. I grew up in Calcutta, did my schooling from St. Xavier's Collegiate School and completed my engineering in Electronics and Communication from West Bengal University of Technology in 2007. Decided to pursue a career in Finance during my MBA days at the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, as the idea of efficient allocation of capital and diligent risk management aiding economic growth appealed my intellect. I love to read about Indian and world history and like to draw parallels with current affairs, given how often history repeats itself. I'm a big fan of the works of Satyajit Ray and soccer. Love to travel and keen on exploring varied cultures and cuisines."

AIM Essay Competition3rd prize winner: Ms. Shivaani Patel, University of New South Wales.
“My name is Shivaani Patel and I was born in Atlanta in the USA and moved to Sydney a few years ago; however, I am originally from Baroda which is a city in the state of Gujarat in India. I've completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at UNSW. I've always been very enthusiastic about volunteering and giving back to the community. I've been competitive since I was little girl, growing up with only boys in my family, this has taught me to be a fighter.”