Ambedkar In Me - Poster Competition for Kids 5-18 years

This is a parent + Kid Activity providing a very good opportunity to inspire your children to explore the life of Dr. Ambedkar and their teachings as well asto deliver a social message through creative poster.

Participants, will be provided with 2 poster options in a softcopy. Each participant can choose any of them. Only one poster to be submitted by one participant.

How to participate in the competition:
  Take printout of blank Poster in A3 Size
  Prepare the poster on any topic related to Dr. Ambedkar or Buddhism or on Social reforms.
    Below are just few examples, it can be anything on these lines. Example of few topics are as follows:
      - Dr.Ambedkar life
      - Lord Budha life
      - Buddha ashtang marg
      - Dr.Ambedkar Education
      - Dr.Ambedkar Social Movement
      - Dr.Ambedkar Social Reforms
      - Dr.Ambedkar Personality
      - Dr.Ambedkar Nationalist Message
  Kids can take a help from their parents (its parent-kid activity)
  Use of all decoration option are accepted and not limited to few mentioned below colours:
      - Colours (crayons, Sketchpens, etc)
      - Decorations( Glitters, Ribbons, Stickers etc)
  Take a clear photo or PDF file and send it to with a permission to publish/ display it on any open forum.
  Last date to submit the poster is 23rd March 2018
  The Best poster will receive:
      - AmbedkarInMe-2018 Trophy  
      - $50 Award  
      - Certificate  
Please download below AmbedkarInMe poster for the competition:

If you need any information regarding the Poster, please contact:
  Kiran Dongre - +61- 452598090
  Parag Moon - +61- 412985455

Ambedkar In Me - Quiz Competition for Kids and Adults

Quiz competition will be held as a part of the Jayanti Program and are carried out For kids( 5-18 years) and Adults( 18-Above years).

If you need any information regarding the quiz for kids please contact :
 Charulata Borkar - +61- 401354396
 Rupali Bhamare - +61- 431639350

Quiz Competition for Kids( 5-18 years)
The kids quiz questions will be limited to the material from the following two books, Which were given in Jayanti 2015.
Please refer the following books:

Quiz Competition for Adults( 18-Above years)
Quiz questions will be on and related to Dr. Ambedkar and Buddha.
Surprised gifts will be given to the winners in prize distribution ceremony